Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Developer AlphaDream
Publisher Nintendo
Release date 15px November 21, 2003
15px November 17, 2003
15pxNovember 21, 2003
Genre Role-playing game
Modes Single player
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Media 64-Megabit cartridge
Followed by Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga is the first title of the Mario & Luigi RPG series for Nintendo's portable consoles. It is before Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. The gameplay is extremley similar to AlphaDream's first title, Tomato Adventure.


An evil witch named Cackletta has stolen Princess Peach's voice, replacing her fair speech with explosives! As chaos breaks out in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi (who was accidentally dragged by Mario) head for the castle and meet up with Bowser, who just arrived to kidnap the princess. When they find out what happened, these sworn enemies join forces and follow the witch to a neighboring kingdom (once again, Luigi is an unwilling passenger, as Bowser mistook him for a member of his crew, when Luigi was saying good-bye to Mario, and when Luigi tried to run away, Bowser catches him with a giant hand with his Koopa Cruiser, the ship they ride on). After an aerial ambush crashes their ship and sends Bowser to who-knows-where, Mario and Luigi embark on foot, learning new moves and combining their brotherly might to fight off enemies, as they venture toward the kingdom's castle.


Playable CharactersEdit

Character Description
File:MarioSprite1.png Mario Mario, along with Luigi, will go off to find the culprit who took Peach's voice.
File:LuigiSprite.png Luigi Luigi is Mario's brother, and will usually be too frightened to go on adventures.

Non PlayableEdit

Character Description
File:PeachSprite.png Princess Peach In the game, Peach's voice has been stolen by Cackletta and you need to get it back.
File:Cackletta.gif Cackletta Cackletta, the evil witch stole princess Peach's voice so she could use it to awake the power stars that will grant any wish of a perfect voice.
File:FawfulSprite.png Fawful Cackletta's assistant.
File:PeaslySprite.png Prince Peasley Queen Bean's son, and the character who will help out the brothers throughout the game.
File:BowserSprite.png Bowser Bowser will assist to you through the first half of the game, when he then gets taken under control of Cackletta and Fawful.
File:QueenBeanSprite.png Queen Bean The Queen of Bean Bean Kingdom.
File:YoshiSprite.png Yoshi The Yoshi's all visit the Yoshi Theater which is made just for them.
File:ToadsworthSprite.png Toadsworth Peach's longtime sturad.